Medical care and home services easily with us or at home

We help you in everyday life

Quick measurement results

Blood pressure, pulse and oxygen value, listening to the sound of the lungs and heart, blood sugar, inflammatory values ​​(CRP), hemoglobin (Hb), urine sample

Home service makes your daily life easier

Home services are available to the elderly, the disabled and the sick, or to people with a disability for any other reason. We offer customers support and help in everyday life to cope at home due to illness or reduced ability to function.

Nurse's reception

Medi-B also offers a reception service for guests of all ages. You can book an appointment at the reception by phone or through our website. We also do house calls

Home care easily at home

Home nursing is a nursing service provided at the client's home that allows the client to be supported in rehabilitation, care and illness. Home nursing is treatment prescribed by a doctor.

Why did I found Medi-B?

My dream has been, from a young age, my own care company where one can be present for people and can help them. When I can help other people, it gives me so much joy.

What do I believe in? I want everyone to feel valued and to be treated with respect and equality. I think this is especially important in care services.

Who is Joanna Bobbie? I am Medi-B’s founder and a trained nurse in Finnish. I have experience in hospital emergency services, health center work and home care.
I speak fluent Finnish and English, as I come from a bilingual family – my mother is Finnish and my father is Ghanaian.



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