The core of our business: professionalism, reliability and compassion

Welcome to Medi-B:lle

You are important to us

Medi-B Oy is a social and health care company that offers a wide range of health care services. We have empathetic and skilled nurses as well as nurses.

We are an approved service voucher service provider

Medi- B has also been approved as a service provider for the regional government agency’s, Helsinki and City of Vantaa service voucher. Service voucher customers can easily find us atwww.palse.fi.

Medi-B offers medical care at the reception as well as in clients ’homes for people of all ages. The reception is located in northern Meilahti. We also provide home care and home care for the elderly and disabled.

Secure taxi service

In addition to these, we have our own taxi service where you can get transport and escort assistance. With our own taxi service, we can ensure that you get safe and comfortable transportation from the same place at an affordable price. With a multicultural team, we can offer you carefully designed services that take into account diversity and multiculturalism. We believe that people are equal. The better we understand you, the better care we can provide you. That is why we invest in the quality of care.

We also offer a professional cleaning service

We believe you are the center of your care, so your wishes and demands are important to us. We care for people regardless of language, ethnic background, race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion.


Why did I found Medi-B?

My dream has been my own care company since I was a child, where people can be present and can help them. When I can help other people, it gives me so much joy.

What do I believe in? I want everyone to feel valued and to be treated with respect and equality. I think this is especially important in care services.

Who is Joanna Bobbie? I am Medi-B’s founder and a trained nurse in Finnish. I have experience in both hospital emergency care and home care.
I speak fluent Finnish and English, as I come from a bilingual family – my mother is Finnish and my father is Ghanaian.



Paciuksenkatu 19, 4th floor
00270 Helsinki


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