Do you need medical or home care services?

Our service for you

Reserve a time for quick measurement

Quick tests

Information quickly

Blood pressure, pulse and oxygen value, listening to the sound of the lungs and heart, blood sugar, inflammatory values ​​(CRP), hemoglobin (Hb), urine sample

Nurse's reception


Quickly to the nurse’s office

Holistic care. The visit time to the nurse’s reception is about 20 min / visit.

Familiar and safe

home care

Home service and medical care

We help and support you in your daily life so that you can survive at home longer. Various wound treatments, injections, ear rinses, sampling, etc ..

Reliable medical and home care service

Medi-B is a reliable service provider that takes care of both customers and employees. You are safe to come to us. We take care of insurance and you can get home cleaning services including household deductions.

We only work with quality service providers such as Vita Laboratories. Vita provides us with quality laboratory services with fast response times, so you get results as quickly as possible.



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